"Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind is Happiness,  Yoga shows the Way"  Swami Vishnu Devananda

I’ve been practising Yoga and Pilates for nearly 27 years and teaching for 16 years.  

Throughout my twenties I took several trips around the world with my yoga mat strapped to my backpack.  On a journey to India in 2005 I studied yoga in ashrams, and meditation on silent retreats.  In Bankok, I trained as a traditional Wat Po Thai Massage practitioner in 2007.  Back home in the UK I became a Reiki practitioner (2010) and a Shiatsu Bodywork practitioner (2015).

I bring Thai massage & Shiatsu into my classes, giving effective hands-on adjustments.


Although I trained with the traditional School of Sivananda Yoga, I have developed my own style, with strong but graceful movements and flowing sequences.  Classes always incorporate some Pranayama (breathing exercises) and have a meditative element.

Yoga is a holistic method to attaining overall well-being and inner peace. Although the physical aspect is what draws most people to it initially, including myself, there is a lot more to it than physical exercise.  Thanks to the Asanas (physical poses) muscles are strengthened and toned, the body becomes more supple and flexible, internal organs are massaged, so physical health is greatly improved.  But even more significant is the positive effect yoga has on our mental well-being, and on our ability to deal with the stress and strains of daily life.


I trained in Stott Pilates®, a contemporary approach to the original exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. The low impact exercises focus on core strength to protect and support the back, whilst working specific muscle groups to increase the body's range of motion.  The natural curves of the spine are restored and postural alignment improved.

I have been practising Pilates for several years, and found that it has greatly complemented my Yoga practice.  I often sneak a Pilates exercise into my Yoga classes, and I always include some yoga-based stretches in the Pilates classes.

 ~ "Nickie's Yoga classes are an exceptional mix of flowing strong Yoga and spiritual peace, should you wish to tap into it.  A combination often attempted but not achieved."    Steve Findlay-Wilson

~  "Nickie’s teaching always comes with a smile - she has a way of encouraging beginners and challenging the more experienced when necessary.”   Graeme Goodwin

~  "Nickie's online classes are brilliant.  Truly holistic; perfect balance of physical - for strength & flexibility, and emotional - for relaxation.  I love the health and wellbeing information she shares in classes too.  I feel stronger and more flexible since joining her yoga classes, and my core strength has definitely benefitted from weekly online pilates too.  I didn't think online classes would work for me at all, but Nickie's instruction is so clear, I miss nothing from the classes being online, and actually benefit - because the recordings ensure I never miss a class.  Nickie is a fanastic yoga & pilates teacher and I can't recommend her highly enough."   Sarah Fletcher

  • Sivananda Yoga Instructor, Sivananda Ashram, Tyrol, Austria
  • Wat Po traditional Thai Massage Practitioner, Salaya, Bangkok
  • Stott Pilates Trained Instructor, Kidlington, Oxford, UK
  • Reiki 1, Dharamasala, India
  • Reiki 2, Swindon, UK
  • Shiatsu Foundation, Wiltshire, UK

Published on 20 April 2017

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