Yoga and Sound

Saturday 23rd March

10.00 - 11.30am

I’ve teamed up with my musician friend and music therapist Luiza Moir to offer a unique yoga class where we’ll flow to the melodic sounds and rhythms of a variety of instruments, including gentle tongue drums, singing bowls and grounding chimes.  Bring a blanket for a delightful extended relaxation.




Exmoor Yoga & Star-gazing Weekend Retreat

2nd - 4th February 2024

Holworthy Farm, near Dulverton

£345 - £475

Come away for a restorative weekend of yoga, relaxation, beautiful lake views, chill-time, AND a fantastic star gazing evening on Friday, where we'll learn all about the night sky, our solar system, and space beyond, as well as view the exceptionally dark sky of Exmoor through a telescope.

All rooms in the farmhouse are ensuite.

Single room: £475

Twin room: £345 per person

Limited to 7

£145 deposit required at booking.

See the venue here.

EMAIL HERE for more details, schedule and booking.


Cotwolds Yoga & Nutrition Weekend Retreat

26th - 28th April 2024

17th - 19th May 2024

The Stanton Guildhouse, near Broadway

£320 - £475

With a focus on digestion for health, you'll have an opportunity on these weekends to try intermittent fasting if you want to.  This doesn't mean restricting the amount of food you eat, but instead shortening the window in which you eat that food i.e having an earlier dinner at 6pm and a later breakfast/brunch at 10.30am to give your digestive system a long rest.  (There will be, however, an optional ‘serve yourself’ light breakfast available if you choose not to do the 15 hour fast or if for whatever reason it doens't suit you.)

The retreat includes yoga classes, relaxations, meditation sessions, optional walks around the pretty village of Stanton and along the Cotswold Way, accommodation in the beautiful Guildhouse, a talk on Nutrition, and wholesome delicious meals lovingly prepared by Nutritional therapist Josie Ashby.

Single room: £475

Twin room: £350 per person

Triple room £320 per person

Limited to 12

£150 deposit required at booking

See the venue here

EMAIL HERE for more details, schedule, and booking


Published on 20 April 2017

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