Relaxation with Thai Massage

Restorative yoga, deep breathing and meditation.

Saturday afternoon to be confirmed....

Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon

Come have a lie-down, and soak up some Thai massage whilst relaxing in deeply restful and restorative poses, with the comfortable support of bolsters, blocks and cushions.

Limited to 8



Full Moon Relaxation at home

Once a month around the full moon a new short relaxation video will be added to the online library for those who have subscribed (£35).


£35 all online Yoga & Pilates classes on Zoom, AND all recordings this month, AS WELL AS unlimited access to over 280 videos on the online library, with at least 3 new videos added each week BUY

Or pay via PayPal HERE or bank transfer (email here for bank details)


Joining a virtual class

~ Install the app ZOOM Cloud Meetings on your phone, tablet or laptop.  (Or attend via the ZOOM website).

~ There's no need to sign up or log in.
~ If you've paid for the class I'll email you a link.

~ 5 minutes before the class click on the joining link.

~ The first time you use ZOOM you’ll be prompted to allow ZOOM access to your camera and microphone, click YES, and you're at the class!

If you can't pay by paypal, bank transfer is fine (email me for bank details).


Enquire by email

Published on 20 April 2017

Liddington Wiltshire SN40HB

Tel: 07503 157859